Sinking Unlevel Houses

 June 5, 2014      

House Leveling and Foundation RepairIf you find your home is unlevel or sinking in one or more corners of the home. Its time to call a house leveling and foundation repair professional to check the elevation levels to determine what solution will correct the foundation problems.

A lot of foundation repair is a construction and house leveling company that can work on houses sitting on concrete slab. Every company has their own method for correcting the foundation issues. Try to find a foundation repair company that offers a lifetime transferable warranty. That way should the home shift up or down for whatever reason.

You can call them to recheck the home. They can make adjustments to relevel the home. in some cases, the soil beneath the home can be the culprit. Other times there might be tree roots coming up under the slab. Leaky pipes under the concrete slab can cause the home to sink or the slab to crack if the soil deteriorates beneath the home’s slab.

Houston Foundation Repair Companies can correct the home’s interior area as well as the corners and sides. They’ll check the elevations then mark on a sketch drawing of the home where they’ll need to install piers.

Once the home foundation has been fixed. Then homeowner’s can recollect their thoughts on making home improvements. What you want to avoid is not making the repairs and allowing the problem to manifest into something bigger. You can have the cracks in your sheet rock repaired and your exterior house painting in Houston┬ácompleted with confidence.

When it comes to fixing fences. You want to hire the best fence contractors to tear down your old fence and replace it with a new one. Or, if you only need repairs to a section of fencing. Texsun Fence can provide homeowner’s with a free quote to pull up the old 4×4 post. Secure and level the new post and nail up the new rails and pickets. The installers can construct the new or replacement fencing with pressure treated pine, spruce or Western Red Cedar wood. Then if you want a 2×6 rot board (also known as a kick board). We can nail that to the bottom of the fence. IF you have a 6 foot tall picket nailed to a 2×6 rot board. Figure on the height of your new fence to be 6 foot 6 inches. If you use a 2×12 rot board. Then the fence height will be 7 foot tall, which makes for a really nice wood privacy fence for any backyard property.

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