Repair Concrete To Satisfy Insurance Policy

 November 5, 2014      

repairing concrete drivewaysHome and Business owners are responsible for maintaining their property to ensure the safety of people coming onto the property and avoid injuries that may result in a insurance claim against the insurance policy.

Making sure outside surfaces and the landscaping is safe to walk over.

These maintenance cost can be rather costly for management or resident owners. Insurance underwriters may require the insured to make repairs to concrete structures to stay in compliance with their policy. The soil may give away under sidewalks, walkways or driveways causing the slab to raise or sink.

Concrete Repairs for Home & Businesses

Another culprit is tree roots growing up under the surface and causing cracks. The insurance company will send a letter to the insured property owner explaining how they must make the necessary repairs to avoid cancellation of the policy.  We recommend you get at least three written quotes from a local reputable contractor.

Call them up and let them know you need concrete driveway repair for your home or business.

They’ll come out to take measurements to repair the damaged section or a full replacement of the concrete.

Make sure the quote includes breaking up and removing the old concrete. You don’t want any surprises after the fact.  Stay in contact with your insurance provider on when you have made the necessary repairs.

Take photos of the before and after to keep with your records. If you need more information on concrete repairs for residential or commercial projects.  We invite you to visit us at to see recent jobs. Concrete Houston will provide demo of the old concrete, remove the debris, grade out the area, set forms using treated wood, lay out rebar used to reinforce the concrete, pour and broom finish and smooth out the edges. Commercial driveways and parking lots will be completed with 6″ or 8″ concrete while residential slab is dug out for 4″ thick cement. You’ll always find professional quality work and friendly customer service from their crews and management.

Some homeowner’s may experience cracked foundation slabs where the house sinks on the back, front or in the corners. If that’s the case there are companies that specialize in under slab tunneling foundation repair. They tunnel under the house to the area that needs raised. In other cases, they may need a leaking pipe repaired or replace. The company will assist the licensed plumber in reaching the area to make the repairs or replace the old galvanized pipes.

Are you considering adding a new patio to your backyard landscaping? You know the summers are hot and the winters are short in North Houston. Don’t put that patio in without considering your options for a custom patio covers in Spring TX to provide shade and protection from harsh weather conditions year round.

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